About us

We are a community of individuals all wanting a chance to own our own land, grow our own food and live freely.

With the potential for the bank bail-in, your money is safest in assets and your freedom best kept if you can grow your own healthy food.

With this project, everyone who invests money to purchase some land will be a beneficiary of the trust.  The trust has sub committees to help with making decisions moving forward as we grow as a community.  We live by common/natural law: cause no harm, cause no loss, at all times be honourable and peaceful.

The money paid in by members is stored in the trust bank account and so is safe and secure for everyone.

The primary purpose of this initiative is to make sure we are able to grow our own healthy food.  The secondary purpose is to have a community of like-minded spiritual beings who want to live, play and work together for a better future for all.  The tertiary aims are to generate an income from the old system and hopefully be able to live on the land.


1) Find investors

We need more than 600+ members for the community each investing what they can to get this founding initiative off the ground. You will always be classified as founders and it is essential we all spread the word to get the right numbers.  There is great power in numbers.

2) find land

Everyone helps to look for different land opportunities being sure to keep it within the boundaries of the trust requirements and forward these to the community to review. When the correct bit of land is found, a bid will be put in.

By having enough members, we can declare ourselves our own council and therefore grant ourselves planning permission.

3) buy land

The aim is to have land purchased within 12 months of everyone putting their money into the trust. If no land has been found in 12 months, then you have the option of having your money returned or we try again for another 12 months.

Either way, your money is safe as it is in a trust.

4) Setup land

The first 12-24 months will be spent as a true community getting the land ready for the various aspects of wealth generation, food growth, training, etc. The whole time, we will be looking at opportunities to live on the land.

5) Use land

When ready, the land is utilised and generates an income. Everyone gets their returns with the prospect at a point in the future of potentially living on the land but certainly in the interim, getting food from the land.

6) do it again

By helping get this founding initiative going, we can then rinse and repeat the same process around the country meaning lots of land all over the place with lots of communities growing food, doing holistic training, educating the young ones, and bringing the ownership of the land back to the people.

Our Principles

No Harm

Cause no harm, generate no fear, cause no division within this community.

No Loss

Cause no loss also incorporates no theft of any kind within this community.

 be Honourable

Always be honourable and trustworthy in your dealings within the community.

be Peaceful

Hold no malice towards one another and build unity and acceptance with all.


Any land that is purchased by the trust has to have the capability to grow food on it.  The land also has to have at least 1 acre of community land for every 2 acres of privately owned land.  Educating the community about growing food is fundamental to this project and can also be a revenue stream for educating others how to grow their own food.


Any land purchased should also have woodland or the capability to grow trees on it so that there is plenty of resource available for bushcraft, foraging and many other activities that can be run to educate the community and that can also generate a income for the community by educating others or selling wood to the open market.


Any land purchased will need to either have water on it, have water close by or have the capability for water to be bored from it.  Ideally the land would have a lake within it that could be used to educate the community on fishing, sailing etc. Again this could also generate an income for the community educating others.


The land could be used for education purposes as already highlighted but will also be growing food whose excess could be sold to local restaurants and communities.  Additionally, the community land may have a part of it used as a campsite for an additional income as well as be used to host events.

Land Pricing

You can purchase any quantity of land you wish from the options below eg you could purchase one or more parcels of land or get one or more patches for a bigger allotment size.  These prices are based on the South East of England so should be lower in other locations.  Please check in the respective group for their guide pricing.  Thanks

* WHOLE PARCEL - (1 ACRE: 4,046 sqm or 4,425 Sq yd) - 10 Spaces
This is your own private parcel of land approximately half the size of a standard 11-a-side football pitch which you can use as you want within the terms of the trust.
£ 30,000
* Half PARCEL - (1/2 ACRE: 2,023 sqm OR 2,212 SQ Yd) - 12 Spaces
Half the size of the parcel and still sufficiently large to do many things with it.
£ 16,500
* Quarter PARCEL - (1/4 ACRE: 1,012 sqm OR 1,106 SQ Yd) - 16 Spaces
Quarter the size of the parcel but still a large plot of land about the size of a standard 5-a-side football pitch.
£ 9,000
* Plot - (1/8th ACRE: 505 sqm OR 552 SQ YD ) - 32 spaces
This is a large plot of land that will provide great opportunities for growth and is approximately half the size of a standard five-a-side football pitch.
£ 5,000
Pitch - (63 sqm OR 69 SQ YD ) - 64 spaces
This pitch is about the size of a squash court.
£ 1,000
PATCH - (8 sqm OR 9 SQ YD ) - 512 spaces
A nice patch of land to grow food for one.
£ 250
community land - 512 spaces
This is membership to the community where you can be involved with projects on the shared community land (annually renewable).
£ 100
free land
For those who cannot afford the community land, we will have some sponsored places available.

* denotes land that has the option to live on it.

NOTE: All members of the community contribute £100 per year towards the maintenance and upkeep of the community land.

Next step


Time is not on our side so it is imperative we act fast to find and secure a decent sized plot of land.  Everyone is needed and we need to spread the word about this unique opportunity with our friends and family.

Please share this with as many people as you can.  Many people would not want to miss such an opportunity and would want more information about it.  Our job is to get in touch with them and inform them in a clear and transparent manner.  All they need to do is provide us with their details in the contact section below.

The quicker we do this, the less money we will have to pay for the land as the price of land is surging upwards.

Once we have got this pioneering initiative going, we can then do it again for different parts of the country.  If you truly believe in what we are doing then it is absolutely essential that we make this work.  All land purchased is going to be valuable in the future.

We already have some high level investors and we hope everyone will get involved quickly as every week that passes means the price of land goes up!

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